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Here are a couple of things you must know before writing for us:

Bio and photo

In this content-filled world, we want our users to trust the info we offer and see there are real people behind the posts we provide. Because of that, we ask that new factors send us a brief bio (just a couple of lines, say goodbye to) and a photo. Do not be shy to consist of connect to sites and social accounts. All we request is that you include something personal to your bio, rather than just consisting of dry information.


Word count

At least 250 words and no greater than 800 is all we request.


Tone and style

Be real to your very own style but ensure your tone is available and truthful. If you need more clearness on this, have a look at existing posts.


The kind of posts that are most motivating are ones that:

  • Inform a personal story of insight, improvement or awareness. You can discuss your very own experience, a procedure you added to or an another person’s story that inspired change in you. Use a very personal tone.


  • Supply very useful, simple to understand recommendations. Whether you are blogging about Yoga positions to assist with pain in the back, dishes, methods to de-clutter your life, a detox guide and so on, we extremely suggest you include a reality story of how these suggestions worked for either you or another person. Although this is not a requirement, from our experience this will make the posts more relatable and for that reason, more popular.