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Israeli Flag
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Israeli Flag

With a large blue Star of David in the center, this flag will allow you to show your support for the State of Israel. There is space for a flagpole at the side. Get your Israel flag now.

Dimensions: Available in a variety of sizes up to our giant flag that is about 5 feet by 7 feet.

OUR PRICE: $5.96
$4.95 19" x 15"
$15.00 43-1/3" x 59"
$35.00 59" x 86-2/3"
$8.00 23-2/3" x 31-1/2"
$12.00 31-1/2" x 43-1/3"

Shipping Weight: Grams

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Israeli Flags
Poster depicts a row of Israeli flags, flying in the breeze. The words "From Israel With Love" appear on the upper right hand side.
Poster measures: 19-2/3" x 13-3/4" (50 cm x 35 cm.).

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Israel Flag Lapel Pin
This charming lapel pin shows your love of Israel. A waving flag - on it the blue Magen David (Star of David) is imprinted, along with the blue stripes above and below.
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Small Israeli Flag on Wooden Pole
Small Israeli flag, on a wooden flagpole. Perfect to wave at parades or to use for a small tabletop display.
OUR PRICE: $3.00

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