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Spiritual Level

‘Spiritual level’ represents a person’s spiritual maturity. The greater one’s spiritual level, the higher is the quantity of God concept manifest in the individual.

Let us see the significance of spiritual level. If we were to say that somebody is at 100% spiritual level, it would mean that this person is one with God, whereas 1% would describe the spiritual level of an inanimate things. Most of people in the present period, which is Kaliyuga, also called the Era of Strife, fall in the 20% spiritual level classification. According to the science of Spirituality, a person who is above the 70% spiritual level is called a Saint.


Level vs Development

Spiritual level is specified by a variety of contributing factors. In the following points we have gone over a few of the more crucial specifications that add to a person’s spiritual level and how they differ with spiritual development.

Among the crucial specifications of the spiritual level of a person is the quantity of ego or darkness around the Soul that has been eliminated and how much he recognizes himself, with the Soul within. By darkness around the Soul or ego, we mean the propensity of man to view himself only as his 5 senses, mind and intelligence.


Personal Happiness

A clear sign of a greater spiritual level than the typical person is a decreased focus on one’s own joy. Paradoxically although we participate in less to our joy as we grow spiritually, among the advantages of growing spiritually is that we get access to higher quantities of joy in our lives.

As one grows spiritually, one accomplishes a more well balanced mindset and not does one oscillate in between low and high due to occasions around us.


Spiritual Feeling

Spiritual feeling to God is experiencing an extreme awareness of the presence of God in everything, that is feeling God’s existence while performing everyday life activities and experiencing life based upon this awareness. As one’s spiritual feeling increases one is a growing number of able to experience God’s hand in every element of life and thus has the ability to give up more to God.


Different Levels

A person at the 20% spiritual level might be complete of himself and his intellectual abilities after sealing a huge and distinguished offer. A person at a 50% spiritual level in comparable situations will be overwhelmed with spiritual feeling and loaded with appreciation to God for His compassion in enhancing him with the offer.

The spiritual level that we are at is a crucial function in how we live our life and how we are affected by life’s circumstances and fate. We are all born at a specific spiritual level. This is based upon the spiritual level accomplished in the previous life time. When one does spiritual practice and grows to the 50% spiritual level, then in the next life time he will be born at the 50% spiritual level. This differs from worldly understanding where we need to start all over once again once we are born.


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