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Jews have always been one of the smartest and brilliant people in the world. Many Israelis have contributed substantial breakthroughs in many different fields, and one of it is Science. Here are some of the best known Israeli scientists.


Ada Yonath

Ada E. Yonath is a crystallographer who went famous for pioneering the study on ribosome. She got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on the structure and function of the ribosome, becoming the very first Israeli lady to win the Nobel Prize.


Adin Steinsaltz

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz is an instructor, theorist, social critic, and spiritual coach.


Aharon Dolgopolsky

Aharon Dolgopolsky was a Russian-Israeli linguist and among the contemporary creators of relative Nostratic linguistics.


Amotz Zahavi

Amotz Zahavi is an Israeli evolutionary biologist, and among the creators of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. His primary works remain in the development of signals, especially those that show fitness.


Asher Peres

Asher Peres was an Israeli physicist, considered a leader in quantum details theory, along with the connections in between quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity.


Dahlia Gredinger

Dahlia Greidinger was an Israeli researcher who assisted establish the nation’s chemical market.


Dan Boneh

Dan Boneh is a scientist in used cryptography and computer system security. He is a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.


Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is an Israeli-American psychologist noteworthy for his deal with the psychology of judgment and decision-making, in addition to behavioral economics, for which he was granted the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.


Doron Zeilberger

Doron Zeilberger is an Israeli mathematician, known for his operate in combinatorics.


Eliezer Jaffe

Eliezer David Jaffe is an Israeli social work scientist and instructor and supporter of philanthropy and non-profit management.

That is my list of some of the best scientists from Israel in this modern times. There are more for sure, but listing them all would surely take days to do.

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